Search engine optimisation– SEO is when your web site pages are fine-tuned throughout so that search engines can easily index and analyse your web site and therefore improve the web site’s ranking in the likes of Google, Yahoo, MSN etc.

"If you want your web site to be noticed, it needs to be optimised. That’s what Search Engine Optimisation SEO is all about."

Once you have a website developed it needs to be found and seen on the web – This is where the art of Search Engine Optimisation comes into play.

When people are looking for information from the web, they very seldom go past pages one or two. This means that if your page is not coming up on page one or two, your web site is not going to do you much good in terms of business generated.

In order to get your web site appearing higher up on the pages of the search engines, there needs to be certain rules that are followed and also rules that are not broken. In other words there are sets of Search Engine Optimisation – SEO Do’s and Don’t’s that need to be followed in order to make your web site ‘Friendly” to the search engines” out there in the big WWW.

If you do the search engine optimisation – SEO Do’s and eliminate the Don’t’s correctly you will see an increase in targeted search engine visitors to your site and you will see your web site starting to appear closer and closer to the first two or three pages of the web. It is all about the content of your site, what your customers want, and making it easy for them to find you.

If you are not getting the responses that you have expected from your web site, then odds on, it is not fully optimised. It has not been ‘tweaked’ to get the best out of its presence on the web. It is just sitting in that big black hole called the web, waiting in hope for someone to stumble upon you.

If you wait long enough, it might happen, else you can take some serious action and make it happen.

Looks are not everything. It’s not the web site with all the bells and whistles that the search engines like, it is the web site that has followed the rules and has been structured well and contains the right stuff….. Inside.

It’s all about….. Search Engine Optimisation – SEO  -- Give us a call

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