Nicola Stone – Social Media Manager

Nicola Stone – Social Media Manager

Social Media Manager, Nicola has worked in the field of recruitment and event management for a number of years where she has dealt with a wide range of businesses – from farmers through to international corporates.

She has seen how Social Media has changed over time and through her passion and training in Social Media Marketing has developed a process for how these tools can be used to ehance business success.

“I have found that too often a business will start a Facebook page because they feel they have to and after a few months this project gets pushed to the side as other more pressing needs in the business take over.  Because Social Media is always active a lack of engagement with it can say a lot about a business.”

Through the Social Media Manager role Nicola hopes that this passion can be shared with you all and that Social Media Strategy becomes part of your business not just an add on.

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