Martin Sargent – Business Consultant

Martin Sargent – Business Consultant – Director

Martin, Business Consultant, is passionate about working alongside business owners to achieve their true potential.

With vast experience both at the corporate level and in the small to medium business environment, Martin’s refreshing and dynamic approach has benefited business owners from all over New Zealand.

His other passion is ensuring business gets value for money out of their website design and development. To this end Martin has developed TBG's own website design and development process as well as specialising in the optimisation of websites to ensure they have every chance of being up there in the search engine competition.

Martin enjoys the business planning process of business and has developed a number of unique processes that accelerate the outcomes for business owners.

Management of any business debt is crucial and processes to eliminate unwanted debt is just as important. Martin spearheads the debt elimination / wealth creation system being offered by The Business Group.

Finally, Martin has a unique presentation style that will ensure you enjoy the wide range of workshops being offered by The Business Group.

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